Creative Gift Ideas

Are you tired of toys piling up? Toys that are played with for a week and then forgotten? Check out some fun and creative ideas for gifts that won't take up a lot of space!

  • Sachi has created some really fun bags that are earth-friendly and unique. They make a great gift for kids to use for lunch bags or even to take grocery shopping. She reuses plastic grocery bags so it not only keeps those bags out of the landfills but it gives you a fun and unique way to "go green".
  • I love Veggie Tales and I just had to add the link because they make some really fun birthday and Christmas gifts, too...including personalized books.Free Shipping for VeggieTales Fans! We'll pick up the shipping tab on any order over $50. Enter Code FREE50-CJ at checkout.
  • I remember reading Zoobooks when I was a kid and I was very excited to see that they are still around! Click the link below and enter the coupon conde "ZOOBOOKS' for 10% products in their store
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  • If your child participates in a class or activity you can always purchase gear or equipment that your child might need and give it as a gift. For example if you have a ballerina in the family purchase a new pair of ballet slippers in the next size up or a new leotard. If you have a baseball player in the house you can buy a new mitt or hat.
  • If your child does not participate in an activity or class but would like to, pay for the class as a gift and then make a fun gift certificate for them to open. This is a great way to justify spending money on an activity for your child and keeping your toy closets less cluttered!
  • Buy tickets to an event. Take your child to an event you might not normally pay for and give them the tickets or a gift certificate for a "mommy-child" or "daddy-child" date. This is a great way to get some quality time in with your child while keeping your toy closet uncluttered!
  • A plastic tub of PVC pipes sounds a little bit boring but it can be great fun to give to a little builder. This was an idea my mom always told me about and it came from a grandma she knew who always gave her grandkids PVC pipe parts. Her grandkids would ask for specific pieces to complete their newest project.